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Category: Sights  Listing Date: 2014-07-12

Dinosaur Sighting

A T-Rex was spotted south of Rapid City South Dakota on Highway 16. A few thousand years ago these sightings where common in the Black Hills but this dinosaur sighting was a surprise.

T-Rex was spotted south of Rapid CityT-Rex was spotted south of Rapid City

Driving south and just past Reptile Gardens we expected to see Independence Hall next on the right side of the road. We had to blink to clear our eyes. Was that really a dinosaur?

dinosaur sightingDinosaur Sighting

After a closer look it appears that a new attraction is taking shape. Kids are bound to enjoy the Dinosaur Museum. We look forward to joining the other Black Hills tourists at the new facility.

Dinosaur MuseumDinosaur Museum
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