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Category: Waypoint  Listing Date: 2014-12-15

Fall River Falls

Fall River FallsFall River Falls

The eight mile long Fall River, winding through Fall River Canyon after the joining of Cold and Hot Brook streams above the city of Hot Springs, tumbles below over an outcropping of sandstone falling about 5O feet to form Fall River Falls, as viewed from the gazebo.

In 1907 the city of Hot Springs built a low dam above the falls directing the 89°F water through a flume of native wood staves banded with iron rods and wire wrapped. Older residents remember as children walking the 4,700 foot flume to a point below the falls. Upon leaving the flume the water dropped 115 feet to a small hydroelectric plant which supplied part of Hot Springs' electric power until the late 1960's. The white power house and part of the staircase are still visible in the canyon.

There exists, however, a dark undercurrent to the picturesque scene lying below. Multiple drownings have occurred in the waters beneath the falls, and in August of 1995 a tragic triple drowning took place over a two day period. Later, a temporary diversion of the falls revealed a small cave beneath which creates a whirlpool effect in the water that can trap even strong swimmers.

Fall River FallsFall River Falls
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