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Category: History  Listing Date: 2021-02-11

Historic Avon

Avon South Dakota MuseumAvon South Dakota Museum

One of the best writings about the history of Avon South Dakota is the one by former resident and school teacher, Sunshyne Thaler. We won't recreate the document since it is already available here in PDF format. Instead, we will attempt to reference other information, people, places, images, and locations that may add to or compliment the tremendous work of Mrs. Thaler. If you are reading this and have additional information and/or corrections, please, "please" contact us with your information. If you have historical documents or pictures we would love to have you share them with us.

The Avon Historical Preservation Society was organized in 1997 and Incorporated on June 11, 1999. In October 1999, the Avon Wesleyan Methodist Church donated their former church building and grounds to be used as The Avon Historical Museum.

At the time of this compilation (February 2011), Avon Historical Preservation Society Officers: President: Ludwig Bertsch, Vice President: Laurie Luke, Treasurer: Rosalee Sternhagen, Secretary: Sharon Bertsch.

Avon South Dakota Hento Implement BuildingHento Implement Building

Reverend Joseph C. McGovern (born 1868), was pastor of the local Wesleyan Methodist Church. His son, George Stanley McGovern (born July 19, 1922).

Avon had a manufacturing company called Avon Manufacturing Company. All products manufactured at Avon Manufacturing Company were designed by firefighters for firefighters and were field tested by firefighters. Products were tested both locally and across the United States and were Made In America.

Avon South Dakota Museum

Hento Brothers Implement and then Van Gerpen John Deere occupied the building prior to Avon Manufacturing. We'd love to gather more information about these businesses.

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