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Category: Artist  Listing Date: 2011-08-12

Dustin Baker 2011

Dustin Baker, Park Ranger and Sculptor
Sculptures by Dustin Baker at Mount Rushmore National Memorial, 2011
Dustin Baker, a Park Ranger and Mount Rushmore's sculptor in residence, 2011Dustin Baker, Sculptor in Residence, 2011

Dustin Baker creates art from stone. In 2011 he worked on his sculptures in what was Gutzon Borglum's first studio at Mount Rushmore. The faces of the monument can be seen from the historic former studio.

Dustin Baker is a professional artist. He creates his art in alabaster and other stone using only a hammer and chisel. Baker created 6 pieces at Mount Rushmore in 2011. After several requests to sculpt a Bison or Tatanka, and since the Buffalo appears on the National Park Service logo, Dustin agreed.

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Dustin Baker with pieces created at Mount RushmoreDustin Baker with pieces created at Mount Rushmore
Video by Otto Bochman at Mount Rushmore National Memorial.
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